Laboratory of Pituitary Regulation

General scope

Our laboratory has worked for almost 20 years unraveling the regulation of the pituitary, both in normal physiology and in pathological states.

We study the biochemical, physiological and molecular mechanisms that regulate pituitary function, and the effect of hormones at the central nervous system, in reproduction and metabolic control.

One of our aims is to propose alternative therapies in dopamine agonist resistant prolactinomas. We work with two transgenic mouse models which lack the dopamine receptor D2, and with human samples of resistant prolactinomas.

We also study the role of sexual differentiation of the hypothalamus in pituitary control, and its impact on GH regulation of hepatic sexual dimorphism.

We have recently undertaken the study of the participation of the pituitary in pancreatic function, in particular, trying to understand the development of type 2 diabetes in antipsychotic treatments.

Our laboratory also studies the role of the pituitary in milk production and parasite infection in dairy heifers in Argentine farms.

Laboratory of Pituitary Regulation

  • Laboratory Head

    PhD Damasia Becu de Villalobos Currículum Vitae

    Dra. Damasia Becú-Villalobos

    Ph.D. Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquímica (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

    Director of the Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine

    Researcher (CONICET)

  • Lab Members

    Dr. Lacau de Mengido, Bettina Independent Research, CONICET

    Dr. García Tornadú, Isabel Associate Researcher, CONICET

    Dr. Eleonora M. Sorianello. Associate researcher, CONICET

    Vet. Ornstein, Ana María Principal Professional. CPA, CONICET

    Lic. Belen Brie, Doctoral Fellow, ANPCYT

    Lic. Lopez Vicchi, Felicitas, Doctoral Fellow (CONICET)

    Lic. De Winne, Catalina. Doctoral Fellow (CONICET)



    Dr. Cristina, Carolina Associate Researcher, CITNOBA

    Dr. Juan Patricio Nogueira. Researcher CONICET- National University of Formosa

Damasia Becu

Publications 2007-onwards
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