Endometrial Pathophysiology

This lab specializes in the study of endometriosis in a context of basic/applied scientific research.The study of the endometrial pathophysiology allows us to suggest new targets for endometriosis treatment, evaluating natural compounds that could act directly on the implants by inhibiting the mechanisms involved in the development of the disease. We also study the molecular mechanisms implicated in the immune privilege that protects the growth of endometriotic tissue and the mechanisms involved in the ectopic endometrial adhesion, invasion and survival.

Endometrial Pathophysiology

  • Ph.D. Gabriela Meresman Currículum Vitae

    Head of Endometrial Pathophysiology Laboratory, Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine (IBYME-CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Independent Researcher, National Research Council of Science and Technology (CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Associate Professor of Immunology, School of Medicine, Salvador University (USAL), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Director of the Postgraduate Course: “New concepts in programmed cell death (Apoptosis)”, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina

  • Ph.D. Carla Olivares

    assistant researcher (CONICET)

  • Ph.D. Juan Ignacio Bastón

    Postdoc Fellow (CONICET)

  • Doctoral Fellow

    Ms.C Luciana Ferella

Visiting Professorship Award, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, for the academic year 2015-2016. Lady Davis Professorship. Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Best oral presentation award LVIII Anual congress of the Argentine Society for Clinical Investigation, 2013. Galectin-1 promotes vascularization of endometriotic lesions in an experimental animal model.Bastón JI, Barañao RI, Ricci A, Bilotas M, Olivares C, Croci D, Rabinovich GA, Meresman GF. 


Dr. Peralta Ramos Best Research paper, National Academy of Medicine Award, 2011. New therapeutics for the treatment of endometriosis.Meresman GF, Bilotas M,  Olivares C, Ricci A, Bastón JI y Barañao RI.


Best Poster presentation Award, Chilean Society for Reproduction and Development, 2010. Galectin-1 promotes vascular development and growth of endometriotic-like lesions in a mouse model of endometriosis. Bastón J.I., Ricci A., Bilotas M., Olivares C., Rabinovich G.A., Barañao R.I., Meresman GF. 

Best Basic Research work, FASGO (Argentine Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Societies) 50th anniversary Award, 2006.Rationale for treating endometriosis with aromatase inhibitors.Meresman GF, Bilotas M, Buquet R, Sueldo C, Tesone M y Barañao RI.


Best Research work, Rossi Foundation, Annual Medicine Award, 2004. Effect of GnRH analogs on eutopic endometrium and its mechanisms.Meresman GF, Bilotas M,  Buquet R, Tesone M, Sueldo C y Barañao RI.


Mezzadra Best research work award. University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Medicine, 2004. Effects of GnRh agonists and antagonists on human endometrial tissue. Meresman GF, Bilotas M, Buquet R, Barañao RI, Sueldo C, Tesone M.


 2nd Best Scientific Work Roger Abdelmassih  Award, 2003. Roger Abdelmassih research center in human reproduction, Sao Pablo, Brazil. Effect of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogs on the apoptosis and release of IL-1b and VEGF in endometrial cell cultures from patients with endometriosis. Gabriela Meresman, Mariela A. Bilotas, Eduardo Lombardi, Marta Tesone, Carlos Sueldo, Rosa I. Barañao.


“Dr. Alberto Peralta Ramos” Best Research Paper Award, National Academy of Medicine, 2002. Pelvic Endometriosis: etiopathogenic variables and infertility. Meresman GF, Barañao RI, Bilotas M, Tesone M, Lombardi E, Auge L, Sueldo C.


Published papers from 2002
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