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29 de Mayo de 2017 | npj Schizophrenia

DNA methylation in schizophrenia in different patient-derived cell types

Vitale AMMatigian NACristino ASNones KRavishankar SBellette BFan YWood SAWolvetang EMackay-Sim A.

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24 de Mayo de 2017 | PLoS ONE

Functional interaction between co-expressed MAGE-A proteins

Laiseca JELadelfa MFCotignola JPeche LYPascucci FACastaño BAGaligniana MDSchneider CMonte M.

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16 de Mayo de 2017 | Clinical Cancer Research

In vivo hemin conditioning targets the vascular and immunological compartments and restrains prostate tumor development (Seleccionado como Highlight)

Jaworski FMGentilini LGueron G, Meiss RP, Ortiz EG, Berguer PM, Ahmed A, Navone NM, Rabinovich GA, Compagno D, Laderach DJ, Vazquez ES.

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16 de Mayo de 2017 | Oncotarget

Galectin-1 expression imprints a neurovascular phenotype in proliferative retinopathies and delineates responses to anti-VEGF

Ridano MESubirada PVPaz MCLorenc VEStupirski JCGramajo ALLuna JDCroci DORabinovich GASánchez MC.

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01 de Mayo de 2017 | Journal of Dairy Science

Purulent vaginal discharge in grazing dairy cows: Risk factors, reproductive performance, and prostaglandin F2α treatment

Giuliodori MJMagnasco MMagnasco RPLacau-Mengido IMde la Sota RL.

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18 de Abril de 2017 | BMC Cancer

Prognostic significance of TRAIL-R3 and CCR-2 expression in tumor epithelial cells of patients with early breast cancer

Labovsky VMartinez LMDavies KMde Luján Calcagno MGarcía-Rivello HWernicke AFeldman LMatas AGiorello MBBorzone FRChoi HHoward SCChasseing NA.

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15 de Abril de 2017 | Theriogenology

Sperm pretreatment with heparin and l-glutathione, sex-sorting, and double cryopreservation to improve intracytoplasmic sperm injection in bovine

Canel NGBevacqua RJHiriart MIRabelo NCde Almeida Camargo LSRomanato Mde Calvo LPSalamone DF.

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04 de Abril de 2017 | Archives of Toxicology

Interplay between lysosomal, mitochondrial and death receptor pathways during manganese-induced apoptosis in glial cells

Gorojod RMAlaimo APorte Alcon SSaravia FKotler ML.

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31 de Marzo de 2017 | Scientific Reports

Lateral Antimicrobial Resistance Genetic Transfer is active in the open environment

Chamosa LSÁlvarez VENardelli MQuiroga MPCassini MHCentrón D.

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