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15 de Abril de 2017 | Theriogenology

Sperm pretreatment with heparin and l-glutathione, sex-sorting, and double cryopreservation to improve intracytoplasmic sperm injection in bovine

Canel NGBevacqua RJHiriart MIRabelo NCde Almeida Camargo LSRomanato Mde Calvo LPSalamone DF.

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04 de Abril de 2017 | Archives of Toxicology

Interplay between lysosomal, mitochondrial and death receptor pathways during manganese-induced apoptosis in glial cells

Gorojod RMAlaimo APorte Alcon SSaravia FKotler ML.

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03 de Abril de 2017 | Immunology and Cell Biology

Inhibition of MHC-I by Brucella abortus is an early event during infection and involves EGFR pathway

Velásquez LN, Milillo MA, Delpino MV, Trotta A, Mercogliano MF, Pozner RG, Schillaci R, Elizalde PV, Giambartolomei GH, Barrionuevo P.

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31 de Marzo de 2017 | Scientific Reports

Lateral Antimicrobial Resistance Genetic Transfer is active in the open environment

Chamosa LSÁlvarez VENardelli MQuiroga MPCassini MHCentrón D.

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16 de Marzo de 2017 | Journal of Dairy Science

Purulent vaginal discharge in grazing dairy cows: Risk factors, reproductive performance, and prostaglandin F2α treatment

Giuliodori MJMagnasco MMagnasco RPLacau-Mengido IMde la Sota RL.

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08 de Marzo de 2017 | Renal Physiology - American Journal of Physiology

Nitric Oxide Reduces Paracellular Resistance in Rat Thick Ascending Limbs by Increasing Na+ and Cl- Permeabilities

Monzon CMOcchipinti RPignataro OPGarvin JL.

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07 de Marzo de 2017 | Biochemical Journal

GFAT1 phosphorylation by AMPK promotes VEGF-induced angiogenesis

Zibrova DVandermoere FGöransson OPeggie MMariño KVKnierim ASpengler KWeigert CViollet BMorrice NA, Sakamoto KHeller R.

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