Biotecnología Farmacéutica


  • 28/01/2022

    Nature communications

    Host receptor-targeted therapeutic approach to counter pathogenic New World mammarenavirus infections

    Brady T Hickerson, Tracy R Daniels-Wells, Cristian Payes, Lars E Clark, Pierre V Candelaria, Kevin W Bailey, Eric J Sefing, Samantha Zink, James Ziegenbein, Jonathan Abraham, Gustavo Helguera, Manuel L Penichet, Brian B Gowen

  • Journal of virology


    Journal of virology

    Antibody-based inhibition of pathogenic New World Hemorrhagic Fever mammarenaviruses by steric occlusion of the human transferrin receptor 1 apical domain

    Sol Ferrero, Maria D Flores, Connor Short, Cecilia A Vazquez, Lars E Clark, James Ziegenbein, Samantha Zink, Daniel Fuentes, Cristian Payes, María V Batto, Michael Collazo, Cybele C García, Jonathan Abraham, Sandra M Cordo, Jose A Rodriguez, Gustavo Helguera

  • 04/01/2021

    Medicina Buenos Aires

    Clinical evaluation of a COVID-19 vaccine from a volunteer perspective

    Gustavo Helguera

  • 01/09/2019

    Medicina Buenos Aires

    [Background of regulations for similar biological medications in Argentina]

    Helguera G.

  • Biochimica et Biophysica Acta



    Amino acid residues involved in the heparin-binding activity of murine IL-12 in the context of an antibody-cytokine fusion protein

    Luria-Pérez R, Candelaria PV, Daniels-Wells TR, Rodríguez JA, Helguera G, Penichet ML.

  • PLoS ONE


    PLoS ONE

    Development of image analysis software for quantification of viable cells in microchips

    Georg M, Fernández-Cabada T, Bourguignon N, Karp P, Peñaherrera AB, Helguera G, Lerner B, Pérez MS, Mertelsmann R.

  • Food & function


    Integrative Biology: quantitative biosciences nano to macro

    Production of monoclonal antibodies in microfluidic devices

    Bourguignon N, Attallah C, Karp P, Booth R, Peñaherrera A, Payés C, Oggero M, Pérez MS, Helguera G, Lerner B.