Regulación Hipofisaria


  • 01/06/2024

    Animal reproduction science

    Changes on corpus luteum structure and progesterone synthesis pathway after hCG or GnRH treatment during the early luteal phase in sheep

    Jimena FernándezMaría Macarena Bruno-GalarragaMarcela Isabel CuetoNadia BonadeoUlises NotaroAndrés Telésforo SotoRodolfo Luzbel de la SotaNatalia Raquel SalvettiCarolina Paula BianchiCarolina CristinaHugo Héctor OrtegaAlejandro Eduardo GibbonsIsabel María Lacau-Mengido

  • 31/01/2024

    Journal of the Endocrine Society

    Modifications of the GH Axis Reveal Unique Sexually Dimorphic Liver Signatures for Lcn13, Asns, Hamp2, Hao2, and Pgc1a

    Belen BrieAndre Sarmento-CabralFlorencia PascualJose Cordoba-ChaconRhonda Denise KinemanDamasia Becu-Villalobos

  • 06/10/2023


    Monitoring of Body Condition in Dairy Cows to Assess Disease Risk at the Individual and Herd Level

    Ramiro RearteSantiago Nicolas LorentiGerman DominguezRodolfo Luzbel de la SotaIsabel María Lacau-MengidoMauricio Javier Giuliodori

  • 29/06/2023

    Frontiers in endocrinology

    Editorial: Towards targeting prolactin signaling in human diseases: stimulate or inhibit?

    Vincent Goffin, Damasia Becu-Villalobos, Vera Popovic, David R Grattan

  • 05/03/2023

    International journal of pharmaceutics

    Silica-collagen nanoformulations with extended human growth hormone release

    Luis A VillarruelBelén BrieSofía MunicoyDamasia Becú-VillalobosMartín F DesimonePaolo N Catalano 

  • 02/03/2023

    Journal of neuroendocrinology

    Neuroendocrine control of brown adipocyte function by prolactin and growth hormone

    Catalina de Winne, Florencia L Pascual, Felicitas Lopez-Vicchi, Luz Etcheverry-Boneo, Luis F Mendez-Garcia, Ana Maria Ornstein, Isabel Maria Lacau-Mengido, Eleonora Sorianello, Damasia Becu-Villalobos

  • Sub-cellular biochemistry


    In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Animal.

    Benzophenones alter autophagy and ER stress gene expression in pancreatic beta cells in vitro

    Florencia Szulak, Luz Etcheverry Boneo, Damasia Becu-Villalobos, Marina Olga Fernandez, Eleonora Sorianello

  • 01/08/2022


    Liver Sex Dimorphism and Zonation shaped by Growth Hormone

    Damasia Becu Villalobos

  • Journal of Dairy Science


    Journal of Dairy Science

    Associations of somatic cell count with milk yield and reproductive performance in grazing dairy cows

    R Rearte, S G Corva, R L de la Sota, I M Lacau-Mengido, M J Giuliodori

  • Frontiers in Oncology


    Frontiers in endocrinology

    Severe Hyperprolactinemia Promotes Brown Adipose Tissue Whitening and Aggravates High Fat Diet Induced Metabolic Imbalance

    Felicitas Lopez-Vicchi, Catalina De Winne, Ana Maria Ornstein, Eleonora Sorianello, Judith Toneatto, Damasia Becu-Villalobos