Fisiopatología Endometrial


  • 01/08/2023


    A physiological concentration of anandamide promotes the migration of human endometrial fibroblast and the interaction with endothelial cells invitro

    Vanesa A Cañumil, Fernanda L de la Cruz Borthiry, Frida Scheffer, Yamila Herrero, Leopoldina Scotti, María Eugenia Bogetti, Fernanda Parborell, Gabriela F Meresman, Ana M Franchi, Jimena S Beltrame, María L Ribeiro

  • Biochimica et Biophysica Acta


    Reproductive biomedicine online

    Resveratrol impairs cellular mechanisms associated with the pathogenesis of endometriosis

    Daniela Madanes, Gabriela Meresman, Sofía A Valla, Nourhan Hassan, Ludwig Kiesel, Burkhard Greve, Rosa Inés Barañao, Martin Götte, Analía Gabriela Ricci

  • Biochimica et Biophysica Acta


    Food and Chemical Toxicology

    Endocrine disruptor hexachlorobenzene induces cell migration and invasion, and enhances aromatase expression levels in human endometrial stromal cells

    Florencia Chiappini, Leandro Ceballos, Carla Olivares, Juan Ignacio Bastón, Noelia Miret, Carolina Pontillo, Lorena Zárate, José Javier Singla, Mariana Farina, Gabriela Meresman, Andrea Randi

  • Food & function


    Food & function

    Effect of urolithins A and B on ectopic endometrial growth in a murine model of endometriosis

    Bárbara Andrea Mc Cormack, Carla Noemí Olivares, Daniela Madanes, Analía Gabriela Ricci, Mariela Andrea Bilotas, Rosa Inés Barañao

  • Molecular Human Reproduction


    Human Reproduction

    The ellagic acid metabolites urolithin A and B differentially affect growth, adhesion, motility, and invasion of endometriotic cells in vitro

    Barbara Mc Cormack, N Maenhoudt, V Fincke, A Stejskalova, B Greve, L Kiesel, G F Meresman, H Vankelecom, M Götte, R I Barañao

  • Molecular Human Reproduction


    Human reproduction update

    Plants as source of new therapies for endometriosis: a review of preclinical and clinical studies

    Gabriela F Meresman, Martin Götte, Matthias W Laschke

  • Gynecological endocrinology


    Gynecological endocrinology

    PI3K/AKT pathway is altered in the endometriosis patient’s endometrium and presents differences according to severity stage

    Madanes D, Bilotas MA, Bastón JI, Singla JJ, Meresman GF, Barañao RI, Ricci AG.

  • Animal Nutrition


    Animal Nutrition

    Daily expression of sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter-1 protein in jejunum during rat ontogeny

    Bastón JI, Cid FD, Caviedes-Vidal E, Chediack JG.

  • Molecular Human Reproduction


    Molecular Human Reproduction

    Reduced inflammatory state promotes reinnervation of endometriotic-like lesions in TNFRp55 deficient mice

    Ghersa F, Delsouc MB, Goyeneche AA, Vallcaneras SS, Meresman G, Telleria CM, Casais M.

  • Biochimica et Biophysica Acta


    Reproductive biomedicine online

    Active compounds present in Rosmarinus officinalis leaves and Scutellaria baicalensis root evaluated as new therapeutic agents for endometriosis

    Ferella L, Bastón JI, Bilotas MA, Singla JJ, González AM, Olivares CN, Meresman GF.