Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a technique used to measure the characteristics of cells, that is, to measure certain properties of cells through light emissions; these cells have previously been labeled with probes or antibodies with laser-triggered molecules. Cells are measured in a fluid that, injected at a certain pressure, acquires the characteristics of a laminar flow with two types of parameters being generated through light signals : fluorescence and physical (light scattering). This luminous information is compiled by fluorescence detectors that amplify these signals (photomultipliers), which are intrinsically weak, and are then processed by the equipment’s software, the Facs Diva.

In the Flow Cytometry STAN, technical assistance is provided upon request of the service users, both in the preparation of their respective samples, and in the assembly of multicolor panels (that is, when several fluorescence parameters are measured), such as in the acquisition of the samples, and eventually, in the analysis of the results for those who require it. The results are uploaded to the service account and the resulting folder is shared over the network with the owner of the experiment.

Beckton Dickinson – Facs Canto II

Beckton Dickinson - Facs Canto II


The flow cytometer owned by the IBYME STAN is a Facs Canto II from BD ( Beckton Dickinson ) that measures up to 8 colors, that is, 8 fluorescence signals with 3 lasers: blue (488 nm , with filters of 780/60 , 670 LP, 585/42 and 530/30), red (633 nm , with filters 660/20 and 780/60) and violet (405 nm with 450/50 and 510/50 filters), thus being able to measure up to 4 signals by the blue laser and up to 2 by the red laser and another two by the violet one. Additionally, there are the two physical parameters that are always measured in all samples, such as size (FSC Forward Side Scatter ) and internal complexity (SSC Side Scatter ) of the cells present in the sample.

Technological Services:

Código: 2012

El servicio consiste en la utilización del citómetro de flujo para corrida de muestras inmunomarcadas para ciclo celular y teñidas con colorantes fluorescentes para el conteo de células y análisis de datos. El equipo cuenta con dos láseres, verde y azul, que interaccionan células en suspensión sometidas a marcaciones por inmunoflurescencia directa, indirecta o reacciones con colorantes fluorescentes. El sistema óptico y electrónico toma datos de cada célula.

El usuario realiza las marcaciones con técnicas convencionales, teniendo que estar las células en suspensión. Estas son inmunofluorescencia directa e indirecta con anticuerpos monoclonales o policlonales, incubación de células con colorantes, etc. Cada muestra cuenta con un número determinado de tubos. Estos son pasados por el equipo y posteriormente los datos de cada tubo de una muestra son procesados y analizados.

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