Ethics Committee “Dr. Enrique T. Segura”

The Ethics Committee’s priority objective is to assess, in a collegiate manner, the ethical and methodological aspects of Research Projects/Protocols (both internal or external) that involve people or human samples, or Mixed Projects (humans/experimental animals).


Projects must be completed within the framework of: a) the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Subjects in Health Research, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (3301/09) (download PDF) b) the Operational Guide (POE) of the IBYME Ethics Committee (download PDF) c) the regulations established by CONICET: *Ethical principles for the behavior of the scientific and technological researcher

Framework for Biomedical research:
Ethical principles for research on laboratory, farm and wild animals. (Download pdf) *Guidelines for ethical behavior in Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Research Projects/Protocols must be submitted to the Computerized Registration Platform for Health Research of the City of Buenos Aires (PRIISA.BA). Email for inquiries:


Ms. Agustina Caruso

Vuelta de Obligado 2490
(1428) CABA. Argentina

Telephone number
+54 11 4783-2869