Buenos Aires Book Fair

Since 2009 we have participated in the CONICET space at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, the most popular in the Spanish-speaking world.

Over the years, the dynamics of communication with visitors of all ages have constantly been changing. We started with outreach talks, which changed over time. They have been enhanced by more playful and interactive approaches, thus seeking closer contact with all the participants. We have developed activities such as trivia, giant puzzles, and memory games, always working to bring science closer to the community.

This is how the so-called “Squeezing Brains” game was born, to expand our gaming offer so that everyone may learn about science from a simple and funny standpoint. In this activity, which we have been developing since 2016, fellows, researchers, technicians, and communicators share with visitors a space designed along five-game posts, with different proposals, which favor personal interactions between participants and IBYME’s staff in a playful and didactic way.


Past Events