About the Foundation

The IBYME Foundation has supported the work of the Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine since its creation more than 78 years ago, continuing the primary objective set by those who formed the first triumvirate, Drs. Houssay, Braun Menendez y Foglia.

The IBYME Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote, for the exclusive benefit of humanity, the advancement of biological sciences and experimental medicine, supporting research and teaching, disseminating their results and promoting technology transfer, establishing or strengthening links with institutions pursuing similar goals.
Funding comes from science and technology organisations, bequests, legacies, inheritances or donations, and contributions from people who pursue and accept the Foundation’s object of interest and wish to collaborate with it.

IBYME Foundation First UVT of the country.

In 1993, the IBYME Foundation modified its Statute, including in its corporate purpose the dissemination of results and the promotion of technology transfer. This allowed the then Secretariat of Science and Technology of the Nation (SECyT), today the Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovation (MINCyT) to authorise the IBYME Foundation by Resolution 314/93 as the first Technological Linking Unit in the country, under the terms of Law 23877 and complementary norms.

The Technology Liaison Units are entities to which companies and members of the scientific community can turn when planning the presentation of a project, since they provide assistance in the formulation and linkage between Science and Technology Institutions and the private sector. Their mission is to assist in the development of projects aimed at improving scientific, productive and commercial activities. They promote innovations involving research and development; technology transfer and technical assistance. They bring their legal structure to facilitate the management, organisation and management of the UVT projects.

Since its creation, IBYME Foundation has managed projects from several calls for proposals of the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion (ANPCyT), such as: PICT, PICT START UP, IP-COVID, PID, PID Clínicos, PME, PCE, PICT-E, and PRH PIDRI. It also administers grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology, among others: “Argentine inter-institutional SATS COV-2 gnomics project (Proyecto PAIS)”, and Project: “Molecular epidemiological surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 variants in Argentina-Brazil border crossings”, and projects within the platforms of National Systems, such as the National Biotherium System, and the National Microscopy System.

In accordance with the Agreement signed with CONICET, by which the latter entrusts the IBYME Foundation with the performance of Technological Liaison activities on its own account and order, it manages High Level Technological Services (STANs) and Technical Assistance and Research and Development (I+D) Agreements signed between CONICET and Private Companies or other public or private organisations. Several CONICET Executing Units and researchers manage the aforementioned linkage instruments through the IBYME Foundation, among others: IBYME, CEDIE, CSC, CIBION, MUSEO NACIONAL CIENCIAS NATURALES, INGEBI, IMBICE.

Other activities

Likewise, our Foundation manages and provides legal support for the administration of national and international subsidies from various sources of funding for the different lines of research carried out at the Institution. It also promotes and manages specialisation courses.